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No-bake Lavender Chocolate Cups

Lavender is in hurry this year so I had to use it sooner than I´m used to. Besides lavender syrup and dried lavender for winter, I made No-bake Lavender Chocolate Cups. They are made with dark chocolate cups and whipped cream, cream cheese and lavender filling. Filling is inspired by a traditional chocolate whipped cream, where you add chocolate into…

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Levanduľová panna cotta s čiernymi ríbezľami

Lavender Black Currant Panna Cotta

Lavender can be used in a baking too and when it is its season I love to add it into some recipe. I recently bought cups, so panna cotta was a clear choice. And since I had some black currants left in my garden, Lavender Black Currant Panna Cotta was made. I added yogurt to a base recipe so this…

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levanduľová torta s čokoládovým mousse

Lavender chocolate mousse torte

I´m having a little break from seasonal fruit so you can make this newest recipe in summer or in winter. Of course, the torte looks better with fresh lavender as a garnish, but it is not necessary. And what am I talking about? About Lavender chocolate mousse torte. I was visiting a friend of mine a few days ago and she…

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Lavender cupcakes

As you might have noticed, I like lavender. Maybe cupcakes aren´t the best choice during this extreme hot weather, but honestly, I´ve never understood why we shouldn´t eat something only because of different weather. If you like lavender as much as I do, in this recipe, there´s plenty of it. (more…)

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Levanduľové sušienky

Levanduľové sušienky. Slovné spojenie, ktoré sa niekomu môže zdať čudné, ale tá chuť čudná určite nie je. Popravde aj ja som sa ich najprv bála či to nebude chutiť ako mydlo, ale chutia skvelo, vôbec nie ako mydlo Recept (inšpirovaný pravým francúzskym receptom): 1 vajce 125 g cukru 250 g hladkej múky 125 g zmäknutého masla 1 čl sušenej levandule…

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Lavender-orange homemade drink

Homemade drinks are perfect refreshment in summer. Moreover, you can easily create them at home. I decided to use lavender, because it´s starting to blossom. Many people recommend to boil sugar, lavender and water together, but I think it´s pointless, because you can still smell and taste lavender in a drink. Don’t be afraid of these 4 teaspoons of icing…

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