Levanduľovo-pomarančová limonáda

Lavender-orange homemade drink

Homemade drinks are perfect refreshment in summer. Moreover, you can easily create them at home. I decided to use lavender, because it´s starting to blossom. Many people recommend to boil sugar, lavender and water together, but I think it´s pointless, because you can still smell and taste lavender in a drink. Don’t be afraid of these 4 teaspoons of icing sugar, because overall, there´s going to be 1,5 liter of drink, so sugar will disappear in it. The only thing left is to lie somewhere near water with legs up and enjoy the sun Lavender orange lemonade Recipe:

1 and half orange

1 teaspoon dried lavender flowers

5 cups water 3 cups sparkling water

4 teaspoon icing sugar



1. Squeeze orange to get orange juice.

2. Mix everything together.

Lavender orange lemonade

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