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čokoládové mille feuille s malinami

Raspberry Chocolate Mille Feuille

As the garden slowly turns into a fall mode (apples, pears and plums ripen), it was about time to use up a few raspberries that remained. I saw a photo of a beautiful mille feuille on the Internet, so I got into it right away. Mille feuille is originally a French dessert, literally translated as “a thousand leaves”, a metaphor…

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tarte tatin

Tarte Tatin

I´m sure it happened to you too. There is a phone ringing, telling you that a visit will come in about two hours. There is no cake in a refrigerator, so you need to work quickly in order it will be ready by then. I had some defrosted puff pastry in a refrigerator, so one problem solved. I decided to…

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čokoládovo hrušková mousse torta

Pear Chocolate Mousse Torte

First this-year-pear-recipe on the blog is with chocolate combination. I made my peace with the fact that majority of fruits at my home will be wasted since it is like all fruits conspired against me and ripen at the same time. One just doesn´t have any chance to use it all up. I read current food magazines and it seems…

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mandľovo jablkový tart s crème fraîche

Apple Almond Crème Fraîche Tart

There are plenty of apples this year (like plenty of everything) so I was thinking what to do with them. By the way, does anyone want apples? It is a pity that they can´t be stored in the same shape, without freezing or making a compote, until winter. Anyway, I wanted to use them as many as possible, but a…

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Marhuľovo černicová galetka

Blackberry Apricot Galette

This year, I have blackberries too, hooray. Last year, when I finally wanted to get them, I either didn´t find any or I was all soaking wet. This year it didn´t look promising either, after all, I was picking them from wet branches, but, luckily, I managed to do it without any rain. Now, I´m laughing that if you want…

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Francúzsky citrónový tart so snehom

French Lemon Meringue Tart (Tarte au citron meringuée)

I just love French cuisine, especially French patisserie. They are (usually) simple, not greasy and literally melt on your tongue. This also applies to a very popular French Lemon Meringue Tart or in French Tarte au citron meringuée. Since I had a lot of eggs, I finally decided to try it and I definitely don´t regret it because everyone loved it. Tart…

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Čokoládový koláč s tvarohovým krémom

Chocolate Cream Cheese Bars

I got some whipping cream and cream cheese left from Christmas so I was thinking what to make. More than one year ago I made French chocolate cake which needed whipping cream and chocolate. Everybody loved it back then so I thought about making it again, just upgraded with frosting. Therefore I made Chocolate Cream Cheese Bars, where you can use up…

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bezlepkový krémový čokoládový koláč

Gluten-free Creamy Chocolate Cake

I was craving for chocolate again. As you probably know, the French are making the best chocolate cakes. So here is Gluten-free Creamy Chocolate Cake inspired by a French recipe. Originally, it shouldn´t even have been gluten-free but since there is no flour in the ingredients, only cornstarch and I accidently took gluten-free instead of normal cornstarch in a shop,…

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éclairs s bielou čokoládou a červenými ríbezľami

White chocolate red currant éclairs

The end of July is in the sign of currants. Originally, I wanted to make something with blackberries, but my journey into a forest failed and I ended up with about 5 blackberries in my bucket. Hopefully, they will be ripe next week. Currants have to be enough until then, specifically red currants, because white and black currants were destroyed…

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Plum galette

Galette is a simple recipe which you will manage to make really quickly. Plus, there is a great number of variations with fruit and filling. Just to experiment. I made plum galette. This year, we didn´t make plum jam, so there was quite enough of plums. Recipe for dough is from foodnetwork.com, I didn´t change anything, so the dough came…

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Clafoutis with cherries

Clafoutis is a traditional French recipe, basically it´s an alternative to Slovak cake called “bublanina”. Although in “bublanina”, we use a sponge cake, in clafoutis the cake is different, I could say creamy. That´s the reason why I wanted to try it out. And when is better time for that if not now, during the period of cherries? (more…)

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Gateau au chocolat (francúzsky čokoládový koláč)

Milujem čokoládu, ako asi väčšina ľudí. Brownies som už robila, tak som si povedala, že treba skúsiť niečo iné. A druhý najznámejší čokoládový koláč je francúzsky gateau au chocolat. Základné recepty sú bez smotany na šľahanie, ale ja som chcela aby bol vláčnejší. Rozdiel medzi ním a brownies je v podstate ten, že gateau au chocolat je menej “mazľavý”, inak…

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Levanduľové sušienky

Levanduľové sušienky. Slovné spojenie, ktoré sa niekomu môže zdať čudné, ale tá chuť čudná určite nie je. Popravde aj ja som sa ich najprv bála či to nebude chutiť ako mydlo, ale chutia skvelo, vôbec nie ako mydlo Recept (inšpirovaný pravým francúzskym receptom): 1 vajce 125 g cukru 250 g hladkej múky 125 g zmäknutého masla 1 čl sušenej levandule…

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