Pizzový kvet

Pizza flower

I don´t know the exact name of this freak here, but I´m sure it´s something like that. It´s a simple salty snack that you can quickly and easily prepare.
You will need just 2 rolled puff pastries from which you will cut off 2 big circles using a big plate. You will cover one pastry with ketchup, sprinkle it with shred cheese (I used 1 mozzarella and 200 g parmesan), sprinkle with herbs and you can also sprinkle it with chilli/spread chilli over all ingredients. Cover all this with second pastry, imprint the top of about ½ dcl cup to the center and cut through pastries from the edge to the center few times, the way it will look like sun. Twist each “ray”, spread an egg over the pastry and bake.



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