Nutelový cheesecake

Nutella cheesecake

You don´t need a lot of ingredients for this cheesecake and you will prepare it for a while. The longest for me was to crush the biscuits 😀 Although for someone it may be a calorie bomb, once in a while it will cause no harm. Moreover, who can say no to nutella and mascarpone.



140 g crushed biscuits

70 g melted butter

500 g mascarpone

200 ml whipping cream

¾ glass Nutella – 350 g glass

50 g sifted powdered sugar

2 tablespoon all-purpose flour

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

2 large eggs



120 g dark chocolate

¼ cup Nutella  



1. Add melted butter into crushed biscuits. Add the mixture to the bottom of baking pan. Spread and press down the biscuit mixture over the bottom of pan using a spoon.

2. Using a spatula, mix mascarpone with whipping cream, Nutella, icing sugar. Add flour, vanilla extract, eggs and mix it. Pour the batter on biscuits.

3. Bake on 180 degrees about 1h 15 minutes, until the center is still a bit shaky. Together with cheesecake, put in the oven a baking pan with water for preventing the cracking in cheesecake.

4. After it is baked, let it cool for about an hour in the oven and drizzle with glaze. Can be sprinkled with chopped hazelnuts.

5. Glaze: Melt dark chocolate and Nutella in water bath.

6. Put cheesecake in a refrigerator over the night.  







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