Americké lievance alebo pancakes

American pancakes

Last week I tried so popular pancakes, I wanted to know if they´re really that amazing. And they are, I just don´t know if they´re that amazing so they could deserve the popularity they have. Anyway, they´re really good, so I´ll definitely make them again, but next time probably only from half dose of batter, because for two people there´s enough of pancakes for four days Pancakes


3 eggs

700 ml milk

4 tsp baking powder

700 g all-purpose flour

190 g sugar


1. Beat eggs and milk together. Add other ingredients and beat again. The batter should be thick, so a trace from whisk should be visible.

2. Set the batter aside for at least 1/2 of an hour aside. Let it rest.

3. Bake the batter in a frying pan with melted butter.

4. Put the batter in frying pan – the size of palm of small plate. Turn the pancake to the other side when the top side is still “wet”.   Pancakes 13532932_1641337062850698_8295938615853416407_n

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