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veľkonočné cupcakes s hniezdom a veľkonočnými vajíčkami

Easter nest cupcakes

Although there is still some time left until Easter, I´m sure many of you already think what to bake. One of very popular options are cupcakes, especially if you´re in decorating mood. These Easter nest cupcakes are one of the simplest cakes, even for baker beginner. All you need to do is to create a circle which looks like a…

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Crepes with nutella and strawberries

I´m sure every one of you knows crepes. They´re favorite meal for breakfast or for lunch. This is a recipe for a basic batter, which can be varied in many ways. It can be said that this is a totally basic and no special recipe, but these recipes are needed as well, mainly as a start for different variations. Moreover,…

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Nutella cheesecake

You don´t need a lot of ingredients for this cheesecake and you will prepare it for a while. The longest for me was to crush the biscuits 😀 Although for someone it may be a calorie bomb, once in a while it will cause no harm. Moreover, who can say no to nutella and mascarpone. (more…)

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Pear cake with nutella

This recipe is inspired by recipe from Apetit magazine. The combination of pears and nutella seemed interesting, so I tried it out, although with variations. It´s really simple and tasty. The only extra thing you will need is nutella, but you can get it from Tesco for one euro (no propaganda, just recommendation :)) (more…)

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Nutelovo-limetkové mini cheesecaky

Horúce letné dni si priam žiadajú nejaké osvieženie z citrusov. Cheesecakom sa nedá nič pokaziť, no tentoraz som za mini cheesecake. Veď ako sa hovorí, všetko, čo je malé je milé alebo vylepšená moderná verzia – všetko, čo je malé je trendy. Recept (na 25 mini cheesecakov-do muffinovej formy) Na korpus: 140 g popučených piškót 70 g roztopeného masla Na…

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