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jahodové kremrole so šľahačkou a mätou

Strawberry Mint Puff Pastry Cream Horns

The last few strawberries were left in my garden, so I need to make something with only a small amount of strawberries/filling. Since I like cream horns, but the traditional Slovak version is made with too sweet egg white filling which I don´t like, I made my version of cream horns. I used whipped cream, mint and fresh strawberries instead…

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čokoládovo - mätový tart

Chocolate mint tart

Mint is a popular item in summer mainly thanks to its freshness. It´s a great part not only of cocktails, but also of tasty desserts. Or at least the mint flavor. Specifically, this chocolate mint tart is made of mint syrup and mint thins. I don´t like mint thins as a sweet, so they ended up in a cake and…

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Mätový sirup

Mám veľmi rada recepty na americký spôsob, napríklad recepty s mätou. Keďže mätový extrakt je pojem pre Slovensko neznámy (a domáci nechutí ako mäta) rozhodla som sa urobiť mätový sirup. Na moje prekvapenie chutí veľmi dobre aj samostatne len ako sirup s vodou. Len som si naivne myslela že bude mať zelenú farbu, nie takú žlto-niečo Recept 2 L vody…

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Chocolate mint cupcakes

Yes, again the combination of chocolate and mint. Whatever, I just love it. Moreover, this icing doesn´t contain any butter, which is a common problem of cupcake icings. It consists only of curd cheese and pudding.   (more…)

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Mint brownie cheesecake

As promised, here is another recipe with cream cheese or mascarpone. Personally, I really like a combination of mint and chocolate, but very often, when I gave someone a green cake, the person was wondered, sometimes even horrified. Well, every man to his taste. The taste of sweet brownie should be balanced with something, the ideal is cream cheese, so…

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