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Marhuľovo černicová galetka

Blackberry Apricot Galette

This year, I have blackberries too, hooray. Last year, when I finally wanted to get them, I either didn´t find any or I was all soaking wet. This year it didn´t look promising either, after all, I was picking them from wet branches, but, luckily, I managed to do it without any rain. Now, I´m laughing that if you want…

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Plum galette

Galette is a simple recipe which you will manage to make really quickly. Plus, there is a great number of variations with fruit and filling. Just to experiment. I made plum galette. This year, we didn´t make plum jam, so there was quite enough of plums. Recipe for dough is from foodnetwork.com, I didn´t change anything, so the dough came…

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