Cheesecake s dvoma čokoládami

Double chocolate cheesecake

Or in other term, zebra cheesecake. Just not the one with cocoa, but the true one, with chocolates. I just love this cheesecake. In the past, I made zebra cheesecake with cocoa too, but this one is far better. It may sound vain when I sing odes to my own cake, but whatever, I´m not going to lie, it´s great


Recipe (baking pan – 23 cm)

For crust:
140 g biscuits
70 g butter

For batter:
100 g white chocolate
100 g dark chocolate
550 g mascarpone
200 g whipping cream
2 tsp vanilla extract
¾ cup icing sugar
4 eggs

1. Crush biscuits and add melted butter to them. Add the mixture to the bottom of a baking pan. Spread and press down the biscuit mixture over the bottom of pan using a spoon.
2. Melt chocolates separately in the water bath. After being melted, let them cool a bit.
3. Mix mascarpone with whipping cream, vanilla extract and icing sugar. Divide the mixture into two halves. To the first half add dark chocolate and to the second one add white chocolate. Add 2 eggs into each mixture.
4. Batter will be layered in the following way: take about 3 tbsp of white mixture and put it in the center of baking pan. Then, take about 3 tbsp of dark mixture and put it on the white mixture. Continue like this until there is no batter left. Bang the baking pan sometimes against table to spread the batter more and to eliminate the oxygen in it.
5. Bake on 180 degrees about 60 minutes until the edges are golden brown and the center is still a bit shaky. Let cheesecake cool in already switched off oven (to prevent cracking) and later, put it in the refrigerator over the night.
6. It can be topped with fruit and melted chocolate.





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