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Banana brownie marble waffles

I usually make waffles when I´m not in mood for any creamy cake, when I want something quick and kind of dry. You know, sometimes something dry is needed as well. Their advantage is that all you have to do is to mix all ingredients together, usually in one bowl, bake them in less than 5 minutes in waffle maker…

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apple waffles with cinnamon

Apple waffles with cinnamon

I´m enjoying last seasonal fruit, until the supplies run out. That is why we have to take advantage of them, in the best way we can. What kind of cake are you imagining when you say autumn? For me, it´s definitely something with the scent of apples and cinnamon. It´s just true, traditional autumn. Although this is not recipe for…

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Waffles are for me a great replacement of cake, breakfast or just a snack between main dishes. You can find many recipes on Internet, but for me this one is the best because these waffles are soft, moist on the inside, crispy on the outside and veeery tasty. I do them in the round waffle maker, so this dose will…

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