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cokoladovo pomarancove cookies

Chocolate orange cookies

This week I was craving for cookies, for one of my most favorite combinations, chocolate and orange. As usually when it comes to cookies, there is no need for a great amount of ingredients, which is a big plus. Moreover, you will love these chocolate orange cookies, not kidding. They´re a bit harder on the top and amazingly soft in…

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Tart with ricotta, orange and chocolate

 This cake is similar to cheesecake, the filling is basically the same, just the dough isn´t from biscuits, but it´s simple knead dough, or in other words, pâte sablée. It´s for the cases when you are not in mood for smashing biscuits, which, at least in my case, takes most of the time. This recipe isn´t time-consuming, the most time-consuming…

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Pomarančové muffiny

Ešte minulý týždeň (keď som mala “iba 3” a nie 6 zápočtov v jednom týždni) som mala čas sa činiť v kuchyni a vznikli z toho už dávnejšie overené pomarančové muffiny. Kombinácia čokolády a pomarančov je podľa mňa prosto jedna z najlepších. Recept (na 12 kusov) 280 g hladkej múky 2 a 1/2 čl kypriaceho prášku 1/2 čl sódy bikarbóny…

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Lavender-orange homemade drink

Homemade drinks are perfect refreshment in summer. Moreover, you can easily create them at home. I decided to use lavender, because it´s starting to blossom. Many people recommend to boil sugar, lavender and water together, but I think it´s pointless, because you can still smell and taste lavender in a drink. Don’t be afraid of these 4 teaspoons of icing…

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