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kokosove minicheesecakes

Coconut minicheesecakes with coconut caramel

Exam period is already here, in my case, state exam period and baking is perfect relax for me, especially now. This week, it´s coconut minicheesecakes with coconut caramel. Yes, that´s right, coconut caramel. Although this collocation may sound weird, the only special thing you need is coconut milk, which is replacement for whipping cream in ordinary caramel sauce recipe and…

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cokolada kokos cookies susienky

Coconut chocolate cookies

After the previous, kind of time-consuming, recipes here comes the quick one, cookies with coconut and chocolate. For this recipe, you will need a minimum of ingredients plus the whole kitchen won´t be a mess :D. It´s a shame that we don´t get to see around coconut cookies as much as we see coconut in some fillings. Moreover, I think…

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Raspberry coconut cake (bread)

This recipe is simple and quick to bake, plus it´s another way how to use season fruit. Although I like the best combination of raspberries and chocolate, raspberries and coconut aren´t bad either. In summer, maybe they´re even better and lighter than combination with chocolate. Plus, bread doesn´t have frosting, so it won´t go off any time soon and there´s…

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Eskimo rezy

Včera som upiekla zákusok, ktorý milovníci kokosu určite poznajú. Dnes, po dvojhodinovom boji s novým mobilom a fotoaparátom sa mi konečne podarilo urobiť aspoň akú takú fotku. Takže tu je recept. Recept Na cesto: 2 vajcia 1 hrnček kryštálového cukru 1 vanilkový cukor 1 hrnček mlieka 1/2 hrnčeka oleja 2 hrnčeky polohrubej múky 1 kypriaci prášok 2 PL kakaa Na…

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