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čerešňovo - mandľové tartaletky

Cherry almond tartelettes

Cherry season is almost over and I realized that I haven´t made anything with cherries. So I was waiting and waiting until these five and half cherries is finally ripe and suddenly they´re too ripe, half of them fell off the tree, so bye-bye my plans. Originally I wanted to make two desserts using cherries, but I had enough of…

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Cherry-chocolate muffins

I did this recipe one week ago, when the season of cherries was on. Now, there isn´t much of them, so this recipe will probably be more useful next year, but never mind. I´m known to love cakes with chocolate or chocolate plus something extra. These chocolate muffins with cherries are very good for summer, because you don´t have to…

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Clafoutis with cherries

Clafoutis is a traditional French recipe, basically it´s an alternative to Slovak cake called “bublanina”. Although in “bublanina”, we use a sponge cake, in clafoutis the cake is different, I could say creamy. That´s the reason why I wanted to try it out. And when is better time for that if not now, during the period of cherries? (more…)

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